Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer, Micro-USB and Type C Input Port, Power Bank 3i with 18W Fast Charging (Midnight Black) Review

The Mi Power Bank 3i comes with a 10000mAh high-density Li-Polymer battery that can charge your devices multiple times. It has two input ports, including a Micro-USB and Type-C port, which allows you to charge the power bank using any cable you have. The power bank also has two output ports, including a USB-A and Type-C port, which can charge two devices simultaneously.

The Mi Power Bank 3i supports 18W fast charging, which means it can charge your devices quickly. It also has a low-power mode that can charge small devices like Bluetooth earphones and fitness bands. The power bank has a sleek and stylish design with a midnight black color that looks great with any outfit.

Overall, the Mi Power Bank 3i is a reliable and efficient power bank that can keep your devices charged on the go. Its fast charging capabilities and multiple input/output ports make it a versatile and convenient accessory for anyone who needs to stay connected.

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